Monday, January 25, 2016

Ever assume you know, or think you know, what is going on? And then you discover you are so wrong you cannot even believe HOW you missed the truth? I think being here in a foreign country, doing ministry to help others and share the Good News, and just being a fix-it American I sometimes get so caught up in not really seeing the bigger picture around me. My perspective is skewed because I am only seeing what I want to or not really looking in areas beyond the obvious. Let me illustrate what I mean:

Sunday I am at church sitting down front as usual with our Meet the Kids group. It is time to do communion and so we help them go over to the tables (we have had many lessons on what communion is now and how to observe it since many of them used to run and grab as much juice and bread as they could, sometimes going from one table to the next). I still get a little nervous wondering if they will remember what we have said. A little girl came and stood beside me that had been sitting down front with us. She had a little English New Testament in her hand and seemed to be very timid. I reached out to let her in front of me and put my arm around her. Her little head had a bit of an odor, her clothes were worn pretty good, and she would not look me in the eye. As we moved towards the table, she was going so slow. People were waiting. I was thinking come on, sweetie, just keep going. I gently guided her forward and saw her go a little off balance. Still oblivious I kept at it. I was starting to get a tiny bit frustrated that she would not go faster. I decided to go around in front of her to see if that would coax her to move on and get through. She finally got there and took the juice and bread. She then reached out to take my hand and go back to our seat. Yes, now I feel a little guilty. She is so sweet, I think!

As we sit back down I see one of her flip flops has twisted around backwards and so being the good fixer I am, I bent down to adjust it. THIS IS WHEN I SEE HER TWISTED FOOT WITH TOES MISSING. This is when I realize she has a club foot that is turned facing backwards and it is NOT that the shoe is on backwards. This is when my eyes are open to how little I really see! This little one, who walked to church from who knows how far with no parents or older siblings, moves slowly due to her foot. But she comes nevertheless. She followed me up when I did children's moment, she sought me out after church to hold my hand, and she even followed me all the way to my car. Why? Because she had no idea of my stupid assumptions but praise God, the touch on her back was interpreted as love. She saw Jesus in me even when I was blind to what Jesus wanted me to see in her.

God, help your children to move from assumptions of what people need or assumptions about what they may be doing to the vision to see your truth in their lives.

On the side: Work is going along well. We will start English with more DuHope ladies next week. The first Bible club for kids at CCR is tomorrow and we have 16 registered. I finally made soap after a failed first attempt so we pray it is a good recipe. We can then move forward in helping the ladies coming to the new DuHope in March learn how to make it and sell it. It has to cure for 4 weeks before we know. We have plans for science clubs in the works and I will be training a teacher to start teaching at the Mother Child Development Center this week. More volunteers are learning about and assisting at The Inshuti Home for the Disabled and so that is encouraging! Please pray for all the work being done with vulnerable women and children. Pray I speak and live out of the gospel daily here so people come to know Jesus Christ as savior and make Him Lord.

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  1. Wonderful report on what is going on there and how God is teaching you as you teach others!