Tuesday, December 15, 2015

So, I am back in Rwanda after six months and it feels in many ways I never left. Yet some things have changed. More western food is now in the Nakumat supermarket than before (for a premium price). Roads have become pedestrianized and parking is different at some places I used to go. Exchange rates are higher. Traffic is still madness but now I am going to have a car in that fray thanks to my supporters and a Godsend in Jeremiah Muhire (he has helped me every step of the way to purchase one). I have met new room mates that already seem like friends. I do not get up and go teach everyday and that seems strange in this new normal of life in Kigali.

But some things never change. The needs here. The broken heart I feel many days as I cannot "fix" things that are unjust. The laughter and love of the people who are like family to me. The opportunity to show and share Christ. The wonder and beauty that surrounds me in these green hills! Yes, God never changes and in that we can all rest.

I will be gearing up with some work with Belay and DuHope soon so more on that in a later post. I have been to visit the Mother Child Development Center and we had a wonderful Christmas party. I do not have pictures as I was too busy leading the Fun Dip activity outside. We have begun the school sponsor campaign of 100.00 USD for a year. That covers small school fees, uniforms, supplies, and some food at the center. If you want to be a part, we certainly need you. We are trying to get 45 children sponsored this year! To give, make the check out to Columbus Church of Christ with a note at the bottom "MCDC sponsorship" and mail to: Columbus Church of Christ, 2104 7th Street North, Columbus, MS 39705.

Chelsea (my room mate) and I also went out to Inshuti Home for the Disabled this past Friday and visited with all the residents. We held babies, danced and sang with older residents, and just soaked in their joy. We prayed for the sisters that work there, too. It is overwhelming at times with so much need and little resources to meet it all. The fun part of our day came when a Rwandan rugby team came in to visit and Chelsea put them to work! She works with special needs so she tried to show them many things they could help with. The cool part is that these big men got right in there and loved so gently and tenderly with the residents. At one point there was no one not being engaged in the large room and that made our hearts so full. Usually we have to leave someone alone as we go visit with the next person. We are already planning our next visits and ways we can help after the holidays.

Thank you to all who pray and give and encourage me. I could not do any of this without my team! Please continue to pray for all the work that is being done here and for us to start the new year off with a vision for what God is wanting 2016 to look like. Please pray earnestly for our neighbors in Burundi to our south. There is much unrest and loss of life happening and we need to keep praying for the country. Pray for me to be bold and inventive in finding ways to share the gospel. Pray that I live in it myself each day. Merry Christmas to all of you and be sure to minister in some way to those around you that need it.